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Adventure Vehicle
Give your

Spare Wheel Covers 

We can supply you a new hard faced

spare wheel cover for all size 4x4 tyre sizes, and add your chosen graphics, or it is possible for us to recover the face of your existing hard cover to advertise or a fresh look ! 

From £25 + Vat 

a fresh look



we can match window graphics to printed wheel cover inserts on your 4x4  



Make use of the additional advertising space on your 4x4


new cover

or re-cover

We can add graphics to your old cover or we can supply you with a new one as well 


Let us quote you...........
Spare Wheel Cover Wanted:

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4x4 Spare wheel Cover Prints or New Covers 

We can print a photo of your choice or design on a graphic to fit your spare wheel cover, company branding, advertising logos or a picture of your dog, either bring it in or we can post the print to you ! 

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